Wednesday, June 29, 2005

On the mend- Foo Fighters

ahahah da dapat torrent full album IN YOUR HONOR.. lazat dan berkrim.. nanti ttp nak grab full album... cd or kaset.. lain sket rasa ngan mp3s... entah apa Apis kata x sedap.. takkan nak soh depa main mcm Sum41 lagi.. aparaa... changing aa sket.. boring boring aa aku suka gak.. wordings dia..

lagu nie On The Mend sungguh merdu.. guitar playing dia... singing.. lullaby bwk tidur gak..

One more day that I’ve survived/ Another night alone/ Pay no mind I’m doing fine
I’m breathing on my own/ I’m here
And I’m on the mend.. I’m here
And I’m on the mend my friend

Wake me when the hour arrives, wake me with my name
See you somewhere down the line We’re tethered once again
I’m here And I’m on the mend
I’m here
And I’m on the mend my friend

Was it you? who said hello Here we go

Close your eyes and stay a while/ But take me when you go
Single file we walk the miles / Wandering back home

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