Sunday, July 24, 2005

Blues gilo

Okay lets paint this one red..or can i make it pinky?
There she goes.. cast these spells on me... over and over again...

We've been around for almost five years,,,my fucked up days and her swinging but messed,and misery times... complete the two of us..somehow when..we have our own reason... I crossed her the stupid things.. (shame on me)..she punished me..but she always coming back that I know she can't forget me..with love..passion that she good a goddess and Venus.. I am so enslaved by her beauty..enraptured by her passion..she knows well my point of weakness.. apathetically and unfortunately I will always be humble, self-apathy, unsure of my future,weak and powerless...

She said:

"Things we use to do is not the things that we against to, we have memories, we have courage, nothing matters in life except happiness..."

"love u more, i dont love u less, what life is for, seeking for the best.."

"a gud fren is nowhere, a great fren is here, evrynite we parted, but in a day we still here,.."

smile its juz a smile, but am not smiliing form the heart,- invinting sadness its not what i like- but it hurt when to think about... is not a sin, but love makes u happy....

where the love begin, i have no idea whre its come all the way..

"Abang..deep inside me sad, sad i know we'll be parted smeday, but ur support will be glad, in all kind of ways"

If ur eyes are full to the brim...the tears are sure to fall down...rain down...rain down.. from a great height...

U know my Venus..of all the girls saying they loved me for something and for what I am..u are the one calling me Abang in the special way... u've hurted me badly in so many times...but u r always making ur enexpected comeback in the special way.

Like I always said, "who wouldn't be the one u loved and live for...who wouldnt be the one u loved and die for..."?

days of playing words...days of trying hard to push myself...throwing promises and dreams...are over...days been really wont wait...(shidee u can't afford ur time..)

herein lay my problems...therein lays our memories..

(but i really want to work on something,,,)

And yeaah..she will always get her way...(to go)..

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