Sunday, July 10, 2005

Memories by Within Temptation

Sungguh merdu lagunya... besor teteknya:) seperti makcik beranak empat.. tapi suaranye merdu.. string orchestra yang padat.. neat... korg yg suka lagu Celtic ala2 Enya.. injected pop rock nu metal mcm Evanescence.. mcm Vovin suka Nightwish... yg baru nak glam (pdhal perinitis genre music ni..) pasti akan suka lagu nie. aku mula terujah tgk clipnya kat Astro..

Dutch gothic band. Within Temptation..kdg2 mcm have Ace of Base+ Enigma..poppishh..

In this world you tried
Not leaving me alone behind
There's no other way
I'll pray to the gods: let him stay

The memories ease the pain inside
Now I know why

All of my memories
Keep you near
It's all about us
Imagine you'd be here
All of my memories
Keep you near
The silent whispers
The silent tears

Made me promise I'd try
To find my way back in this life
I hope there is away
To give me a sign you're okay
Reminds me again
It's worth it all
So I can go home


Together in all these memories
I see your smile
All the memories I hold dear
Darling you know I love you till the end of time

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vovin said...

Whoa! NI fave band aku nih. Dengar album sebelum ni, Mother Earth, best jugak.