Monday, August 29, 2005

Will It Always be Like this?

Not mine... yang nie originally, taken drpd Arab set2 kaya.. studi kat Universiti2 tajaan US.. dan depa do journalis.. tulis2 tuk majalah remaja Mesir.. TEEN STUFF..
nie mungkin issue 2003...

Should play bersama.. (iringan lagu) WILL YOU.. Pod.. Marcus jerit2.. hohohoh...

Will it always be like this, a world forever turning you in and out of my life? I know you can’t always be there, for you are a drifter and my heart is your home.

Can you blame for my confusion, for the tears I have cried, for feeling alone and lost with no one to run to, no shelter from the rain, no warmth and no embrace?

Will you always be the shadow you claim to be? Never constant like the stars in the sky, but sometimes behind a cloudy haze.

Will you always be that voice from the past that comes to hunt me in my dreams, that whispers to me what I long to hear, waking up in a cold sweat, drenched from uncertainty?

Will it always be like this, missing you over and over again? Like a tease, a child without a toy, a cloud that never rains, a love that never falls, black and white, no shades of grey or any other color.

Will it always be this way, never knowing where you stand or where you fall? Will I always be waiting, waiting my life away, for my love?

Will tears continue to roll down my cheeks at dawn and thoughts of you come through my mind shattering it apart and emptiness dwells, playing with my heart?

Will you remain unaware that I love you with a thousand hearts and a million little beats, that I love you with every breath and every word I speak, that I love you with every tear that rolls down my cheek?

Will your heart always speak the promises it can’t keep? Will sad songs, continue playing, disturbing my already aching heart and my thoughts? Will my words become my illusion and my reality becomes my never-ending fate? Will I, for once more become and erased memory? Will my tears forever melt on my face and weed within my numb soul?

In the end I lay here crying. A viscous circle that whispers my hope and my dream, off into the wind. I have lived within a dream that will breathe till i die. An impossible has become a frame of my mind, and my hands now catching the rain streaming from my eyes.

Do you see my tears, my fear and my pain? Dedicated to the beauty of a flower that was devoured by wrinkles.

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